Drag Racing is the motorsport of the new millennium. Drag racing in Australia has been enjoying a record boom since the late 1980’s, and there are currently 25 centers with drag racing strips that are active or under construction, with Palmyra Dragway being one of the 25.

If you’d like your business to become part of this rapidly growing motorsport, then here’s just a few options we can offer you.

  1. Our basic option is to advertise as a BRACKET SPONSOR at any Drag Racing Event. Our prices start from around $500.00 and range upward to $1500.00 depending on which bracket you’d like to sponsor and how big the meeting is. This gives your business full naming rights to that bracket, your business name engraved onto the bracket trophy’s, gets you full P.A coverage from our commentary staff and your business logo printed onto our event poster and flyers.
  2. Our second most popular option is to become a TRACK SPONSOR. This gives your business track signage for a full year and continues until you’re satisfied. Our Process is simple….first in best dress! If your sign has prime location (start line), it will remain there for as long as you continue to renew your sponsorship, The earlier your sponsorship comes in the more chance you have to getting prime location. Our price is $1500.00 for one track sign, we supply and fit your sign for one year with a renewal fee of $1000.00 every ongoing year after that.
  3. TOWER SPONSOR is one of our major sponsorship deals. This gives your business full coverage of our tower for a full financial year. The tower is the largest building at our facility and is right alongside the racing start line in full view to all who are watching the racing. The tower will be covered from top to bottom with your business colours and logos and will operate under your business name i.e. “The Autobarn Tower”. This means your business will become a feature to thousands of spectators and racers throughout the year. For full package details and prices, feel free to contact the club in person, phone or email.
  4. Our final sponsorship we offer is for EVENT SPONSOR. Event sponsor comes in Gold, Silver and Bronze packages and are all available for all our up and coming events. All can be tailored to suit your business requirements and needs. Some things that these packages can include for your business are: Event naming rights, facility signage, local event advertising rights, press coverage, allocated trade display areas, corporate seating and of course a number of FREE tickets. As mentioned above, all our packages vary in price and size and this is just a guideline. For all package information simply give us a call or send in an email and we’ll be happy to provide you with full package proposals.



Sponsorship Packages – Please Click on Link Palmyra Dragway Sponsorship Package 2015