Situated in Mackay, in central Queensland, Palmyra Dragway is the oldest privately owned and operated drag racing venue in Australia. Palmyra Dragway is a non profit organisation.  Since its opening in 1968, Palmyra Dragway has hosted many spectacular events enjoyed by the Mackay and district communities and those from further afield.

Palmyra Dragway is in 2020 sanctioned by the INternationl Hot Rod Assoc Australia (IHRA). In addition to adhering to strict safety guidelines outlined by IHRA, Palmyra Dragway also hosts several larger racing events attracting professional drivers, teams and fans to the track.

At Palmyra Dragway, we make it a priority to continually look for new and exciting ways of promoting the venue to the wider community.

​In an initiative to promote vehicle safety and responsible vehicle use, we have developed a monthly ‘Keep Speed off the Street Challenge’. A legal and sanctioned off-street racing event where the young and young-at-heart can experience the thrill of street racing in a fun and safe environment.​

Beat the Heat is another initiative supported by Palmyra and Queensland Police where street car owners can challenge local Police in specially prepared vehicles to race. This also gives the Police the opportunity to interact with specific members of the community.​

With a dedicated and enthusiastic team of volunteers, Palmyra Dragway has become a local haven for car racing enthusiasts and spectators alike, with over 50,000 people visiting the track every year from all over the country.​

 2021 Management Committee:

President: Glenn Cunningham

Vice President: Ken Smith

Treasurer/Secretary: Jane Cady

Events Secretary: Carley Spooner

Committee Members:

Maria De La Riva

Peter Holt

Rob Cady